This card was designed for school aged children to be able to personalise a Mother's Day card for thier mum independantly. 


I have attached a QR code with a guided video of me explaining how to fill out the card. So all you have to do is set your child up with pencils/textas/crayons and a device to watch the video on.


They can decorate the front cover themselves and an adult can apply the front cover sticker (BEST MUM EVER) over the top of the artwork.


This card suits single mums - Leave your child to it, you won't need to spoil the surprise by seeing the card before they finish it.


Dads who don't know what to write in cards on behalf of their child/ren - If you're a dad (or know one) who needs some inspiration for what to get for your other half, this card is perfect. You set your child up and let them do it themselves for their mum.


It's great for friends or family that know a mum who would love this personalised card from their child. If you know the mum may not receive anything from thier child, you could ask her if you could spend some time with them to prepare a special item.


Teachers may also want to use this card to do with their groups and send home for Mother's Day.




Front Sticker

Mum's the Word (Personalised by child)